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In today’s world, it’s hard to imagine life without computers. Whether you work from home or use your device simply to check email, it can be a real hassle when your desktop or laptop breaks down. Although fixing it on your own or troubleshooting with a friend might seem appealing, it’s always best to hire a professional.

Here are a few reasons why it’s always best to hire a professional for computer support:

•Maintenance Tips: Whether it’s for virus removal or laptop repair, one of the biggest benefits of hiring a professional for your computer repairs is that they’ll also give you tips on how to prevent problems down the road. They’ll be able to tell you how to catch warning signs, and when you need, to update your software as well.

•Data Backup: Anytime your desktop computer or laptop breaks down you risk losing vital data and information. Hiring a professional computer repair service will help ensure that you’re able to retrieve as much data as possible, in case you need to reformat your hard drive.

•Saves Time: Rather than spending hours surfing the web and troubleshooting, or waiting for one of your friends to have the time to look at your machine, hiring a professional computer service means your problem will be dealt with immediately. source:

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Make your computer purchase complete with our JDCTek System Optimization™

Through over a decade of custom configuring software and Microsoft Operating Systems to run their best, I have gathered all of the performance enhancements and modifications necessary for you to get the most out of your computer system. These modifications will improve stability, security and performance of your PC. There are over 500 modifications that are performed on your computer which take between 3-5 hours. I remove the bloatware and utilities not needed which are preloaded from the factory which slow down computers and can cause application conflicts. My clients understand that I am creating a one of a kind solution for them to enjoy and benefit from for years to come.

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Top 10 benefits of using managed IT services

Businesses can benefit from using managed IT services. Our tips look at a few of these benefits.

1. Future proof services, using best-of-breed technology

Leading Managed Service Providers (MSPs) must use the best technologies and equipment on the market to deliver services. IT services are constantly upgraded with no additional cost or financial risk to yourself. You never have to worry that your Managed IT Services will become obsolete.

2. Low capital outlay and predictable monthly costs

The investment in specialist hardware and software will be high. A managed service offers the highest quality enterprise and carrier grade solutions to customers. A fixed monthly payment plan means you know what you’re going to get and how much it’s going to cost over the contract. No unexpected upgrade charges or changes in charges, guaranteed.

3. Flexible service

Managed IT Service Providers can be extremely flexible; a pay-as-you-go payment plan allows for quick growth when necessary, or cost savings when you need to consolidate.

4. Converged services

Multiple Managed IT Services can be provided over a single “converged” connection, resulting in cost-savings on infrastructure. There are additional productivity and efficiency benefits, in the fact that remote staff working from home have access to all the voice & data applications that your HQ staff use.

5. Highly resilient, secure infrastructure

A Managed Service Provider’s data centers and managed network infrastructure is much more robust than a standard Enterprise IT service. Infrastructure is run under 24x7x365 management, with government approval security procedures.

6. Expertise

By selecting managed services you gain access to staff with specialist skills. Sometimes you will only need this skill once, so save the expense of training your staff for skills they will never use.

7. Centralization

With a managed network you can benefit from the ability to centralize all your applications and servers within managed data centers, this leads to improved performance of staff, regardless of location. Access to centralized data centers within the network can also provide access to virtual services, as well as storage and backup infrastructure.

8. Increased Service Levels

A Managed IT Service provides greater control of service levels and performance. With service level agreements in place you can be sure of continuity of service. A managed service company will also offer 24x7x365 support.

9. Disaster recovery and business continuity

The delivery of services is the life blood of the Managed Service Provider (MSP). They have designed networks and data centers that will be available, resilient and redundant for maintaining business continuity. You can take advantage of this significant technological investment. Your data will be safe and you voice services will continue to be delivered even if you main office is lost.

10. Green and lean

By centralizing your critical business systems within data centers and running your applications on a virtual platform, your business can benefit from a huge power saving – lowering your carbon footprint whilst reducing costs. source:

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Why You Should Hire a Professional For Your Computer Repair

It is almost instinctive to try to fix something when it is broken, but computer repair is usually something that should be handled by a professional. It is not always obvious whether you are experiencing a hardware or a software problem, and any mistake could potentially cause greater damage.

Get It Done Fast

When your computer is down, it can be impossible to get anything done. While you can spend some time trying to figure out what’s wrong on your own, it may take hours of frustration to make any headway… and you might not be able to fix it at all. A skilled, professional IT technician will be able to quickly identify the issue, using both their own personal experience and their software tools.

Moreover, an IT professional will be able to fix the problem correctly. Otherwise, you could find that the problem recurs or gets worse later, even if you thought you had fixed it.

Avoid Additional Damage or Even Injury

Hiring a professional avoids both damage to your computer and damage to yourself. A simple issue such as not being able to access a file could indicate a physical problem, like a system overheating or a hard disk drive going bad. Starsiturepdi . Ignoring these problems can cause damage on a physical level to your computer’s components, and trying to troubleshoot your computer’s physical hardware can be dangerous. As with all electronics, caution always needs to be used when attempting repairs.

Recover Lost Data

Most people today have their entire lives, both professional and personal, on their computers. From passwords to financial records, data can be lost forever if it is not properly recovered by a professional. If you find your computer acting erratically, it is important to act fast. Otherwise, lost data could become permanently overwritten — at which point it is almost impossible to retrieve. source:

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3 Signs Your Computer is Infected

Oh, the not-so-humble computer virus. For decades, it’s been making computer users miserable.

It’s like the common cold. You’d think someone would have cured both by now. Unfortunately, it looks like computer viruses are just getting stronger and smarter.

In the early days, a virus would delete your files and spread to other computers. It was annoying, but the effects were easy to detect and contain.

Today, in addition to traditional viruses, there are Trojans, worms, ransomware, spyware, adware and plenty of other “wares.” The computer industry term for all this is “malware.”

Even state-of-the-art computer security can’t always keep up with new threats. Of course, everyone should still be running up-to-date security programs. Fortunately, there are excellent free anti-virus, spyware and firewall programs.

Every type of malware does something a little differently. You might not even recognize that your computer is infected. To help you out, here are five signs you can look for.


Running into pop-up ads while surfing the Web used to be par for the course. Thanks to pop-up blocking now standard in modern browsers, these annoyances aren’t common.

Still seeing pop-ups online from multiple sites? It could be a badly-configured browser.

Seeing pop-ups when your browser isn’t even open? It’s usually adware, spyware or scareware.

You can usually tell it’s the last one if the pop up says “a virus was detected.” It will offer you a paid program to remove the virus. Of course, you’ll just be downloading even more malware.


A dangerous feature of most malware is that it spreads. With always-on Internet, email, instant messaging and social media available, modern viruses have it easy.

Once they’re on your computer, they have plenty of options. You might see friends replying to email messages you didn’t send. Perhaps you notice a post on your Facebook profile you didn’t write.

In most cases, these will have a tempting link. If your friends and family click the link, they’re infected and the virus spreads even further.

Keep an eye on your email “sent” folder and on your social network posts. If you see items you didn’t send or post, change your account passwords immediately. This will lock out a virus that’s stolen your passwords.

Then go to work with your security software. After you’ve removed the virus, I’d change your passwords again, just in case.

Be sure to let your friends and family know you were hacked. That way they can take precautions for their accounts as well.


Having trouble taking back your account from a virus or hacker?

You’re surfing the Web minding your own business. Suddenly a scary message appears. It says law enforcement has detected illegal material on your computer. You’ve been locked out until you pay a fine!

Of course it’s a lie. A virus has taken over and is holding your computer ransom. Ibmanelongglyc That’s why it’s commonly called “ransomware.”

Some ransomware doesn’t even try to be sneaky. It tells you up front that hackers took over your system. You have to pay to get it back. source:

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3 Top Ways People Get Infected by An Email Virus

1. A Virus As An Email Hoax

As mentioned in the introduction, viruses typically are programs. But that’s not always the case. Some viruses speculate on nothing but your naivety. Did you ever forward a chain letter, a virus warning, or the email of a desperate parent whose child needed an organ donation? You probably fell for a hoax and helped to spread it.

In this case the virus is the email itself, although it’s not really an infection. The damage, however, is the same as with other viruses: clogging up of inboxes and mailservers. Email viruses generally cause a waste of time, resources, and energy.

While forwarding an email doesn’t cause you any major damage, an infection with a “real” computer virus, i.e. a self-replicating program, is a lot more critical. There are “harmless” variants that just forward themselves to your contacts. However, a virus may also be programmed for example, to destroy specific files on your system.

2. A Virus In An Email Attachment

While forwarding an email doesn’t cause you any major damage, an infection with a “real” computer virus, i.e. a self-replicating program, is a lot more critical. There are “harmless” variants that just forward themselves to your contacts. However, a virus may also be programmed for example, to destroy specific files on your system.

Most viruses are delivered through an email attachment. Attachments that contain viruses are either executable programs (file types: .com, .exe, .vbs, .zip, .scr, .dll, .pif, .js) or macro viruses (file types: .doc, .dot, .xls, .xlt). The safest way to avoid them is to not open email attachments.

Note that you can safely open Word documents in alternative programs that don’t support macros, such as Wordpad or Open Office. Some viruses try to hide their true file extension by adding two of them. That’s what the ILOVEYOU virus did; its name was “LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbs”.

The good news is that downloading and reading the email will not do you any harm. As long as the attachment is not opened, the virus won’t hatch. If you don’t know the sender and if the email text is suspicious, just delete the email along with the attachment.

If one of your contacts, however, was infected by a virus, the fraud is not as easy to spot. Carefully review each email and play it safe. Many web mail services can scan email attachments for viruses. If you use a desktop mail program like Thunderbird or Outlook and don’t have a virus scanner that can scan email attachments, you may save (not open!) the attachment to your hard drive, where it becomes accessible for your virus scanner. Just remember never to open an attachment before it was scanned.

3. A Virus In The Email Body

Last but not least, malicious content can be found in the body of an email. Today, HTML is a common element of emails as it is used to embed pictures and links. However, HTML can also be used to embed scripts that execute automatically and subsequently infect your computer with a virus. That’s why many mail programs, by default, block HTML and make you click a button to display content of trustworthy sources. It’s a precaution you should not turn off.

Also, URLs can be a virus in disguise. You may see a harmless link that either leads you to a website that executes a malicious script or links to a completely different URL where you automatically download a self-executing virus.

Taken together, the same rule as for attachments applies: never view or access links from suspicious sources.


The reason why all these strategies work is because the respective email is cleverly designed to foul its recipients. It may be a harmless call for sympathy or a threat that calls for instant action. Most people will readily click any link that is presented to them in order to solve a problem or access further information.

What you can do is the following:

  • Act smart, not fast.
  • Verify the source of any suspicious email before you act.
  • Generally, do not blindly forward emails, open attachments and links, or view HTML content.
  • Get an antivirus program and regularly update its virus definitions.
  • Make sure your mail program is set to not automatically download and open attachments or display HTML content.


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The Benefits of Hiring Professionals for Computer Repair

In this day and age, technology drives much of our lives. In many cases when our gadgets break down, it’s not just an inconvenience, but it can actually be detrimental to our livelihood. There are a million things that can go wrong with your computer, and when something does go wrong, you may think that you will be able to just Google the problem and figure out how to fix it. While this is definitely possible, it’s always better to hire skilled and trained professionals.

Save Time

When you hire a professional computer repair service, it will save you a lot of time. Trying to figure out what is causing the problem can be extremely time consuming if you are not familiar with common computer issues. Skilled professionals will be able to identify the problem quickly and tell you what needs to be done to fix it.

Save Important Data

When your computer is damaged, you may be at risk of losing important data. It could be hundreds of pictures of you and your family. It could be important business documents. It could be your collection of music or things you have written. Whatever the case, it’s important to back up your data, and computer repair professionals will certainly be able to help you with this.

Prevent Further Damage

A computer repair professional will be able to give you some tips on how you can prevent further damage to your computer, depending on your unique circumstances. A skilled professional will also be able to repair your computer without causing further damage. Delba prace . If you have your nephew who is good with computers take a look at it, there is no guarantee that he won’t cause even more damage to your machine. You want to make sure the person handling your machine has the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to get the job done.

Whether you are looking for data backup, virus removal, or a simple diagnosis so that you understand what is wrong with your computer,  hiring computer repair professionals is always a good idea. Your computer is very important to your work, your recreation, and your life, and you want to make sure it is in good hands. Ibmanelongglyc . Skilled professionals will treat your machines with the care and respect they need, and they will ensure that your machine is repaired in a timely manner.

Here at Everything Computers, we are dedicated to providing high quality computer repair services for residents in the metro Atlanta area. Located in Marietta, we have been in business since 2002, and we are committed to providing you with an excellent customer experience. source:

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Benefits of Buying a Dell Computer

When it comes to high-performance computing (HPC) solutions, Dell’s approach is simple: Provide building blocks and turnkey solutions to enable organizations of every size to harness the power of HPC.

Speed and simplify high-performance computing (HPC) deployment and management and enable greater system health and overall productivity. Start with a comprehensive infrastructure stack created from leading, industry-standard technologies.

Dell HPC solutions deliver exceptional performance at a fraction of the cost of typical proprietary systems:

  • Complete more computations per second with PowerEdge dense computing and visualize your results with Dell Precision graphical sophistication
  • Increase bandwidth and capacity for your most demanding applications with accelerators that are part of Dell’s validated HPC compute solution
  • Streamline HPC deployment with pre-configured and tested solutions that address a wide variety of application needs
  • Combine HPC with Dell services and on-going support throughout the solution lifecycle

With more than a decade of experience and partnerships with leading HPC organizations, Dell has developed a set of proven best practices in operations and services — and they’re all at work in Dell’s HPC solutions. source:

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