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How To Stop Ransomware and Malware


The answer to modern cybersecurity is a multilayered and comprehensive solution to stop Ransomware and Malware in its tracks at all different entry points. Enter JDCTek Advanced Malware Suite, powered by Sentinel One. Packing the powerful protection of multiple AI engines in a light-weight piece of software that won’t slow down your computer.

Standard Anti-virus solutions are no longer enough to fully protect physical workstation computers. This type of software relies on Virus Signature databases that get updated as new viruses and malware emerge. The newest types of malware attacks use unique, sophisticated methods to slip through and enter your company’s network undetected. The standard anti-virus software can slow down your PC with long scans, taking up precious system resources. Meanwhile, a virus has already slipped through and done significant damage.

Groundbreaking ‘AirGap’ technology protects our clients’ sensitive data by preventing malicious deletion of backups with impressive cybersecurity layers beyond MFA. Ransomware doesn’t stand a chance of reaching the backup data needed to restore your critical systems. Client Backups are stored on extremely secure, private cloud servers in a local datacenter. We configure server backups to run multiple times per day and adjust to your company’s needs. These vital, incremental backups are scheduled to limit interruptions of your internet throughput. Restores can be done locally from the JDCTek provided BDR device, which is 10x faster than cloud restores. In an emergency scenario, servers can be restored in minutes, getting you back in business with minimal downtime.

At JDCTek we provide our customers with the best in Cybersecurity Services, Managed IT Services, VOIP, Disaster Recovery, and Compliance / Auditing. We have seen a major reduction in tickets for customers who have signed up for these services. Empowering your employees to have less downtime associated with their technologies is not only good for business, but easier on your finances in the long term!

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