Laptops and Desktops

JDCTek Provides Top-of-the-Line hardware with industry leading warranties to keep your equipment safe in the event of an unforeseen disaster. JDCTek Partnered with Dell and became a Premier Authorized Retailer, which gives us access to the latest business grade products and the absolute best pricing. One of the main reasons to purchase from JDCTek is that if your Dell PC – while under warranty has any issues – you can call us directly and we will deal with the manufacturer on your behalf. There’s no need to spend hours trying to play technician with someone on the line all the way in India. Let us deal with it for you. We can have a Dell technician out to your home, or office the very next day replacing a bad part. However, this is rare. We have seen the lowest rates of failures on these Dell Business computers and Servers than with any other manufacturer on the market. This further justifies the benefits of continuing to work with a company we love and trust. When our customers reach out to us interested in a new computer, we gather as much intel as possible to find the right fit. We factor in environment and software, preferred size, weight and display. We then dig through the 100+ models to choose from and locate the best options for our customers.

SSD Performance

SSD hard drives hit the market over a decade ago, but they have just started to make a noticeable splash in the last several years. For those who haven’t heard of this breakthrough technology – it is the largest leap in hard drive technology for enhancing speed and reliability in the history of computers. clients who have not purchased new equipment in over 3-5 years stand to gain the most unmistakable difference with the adoption of this upgrade to their existing systems. In the beginning these drives were wildly expensive as they have no moving parts and were built completely out of NAND flash memory instead of mechanical plates. These devices allow data to be read and written to 3-10x the standard rate. Imagine your computer booting up and running applications 3-10x faster than they can on a standard hard drive. JDCTek has been on the forefront of this technology and we have been upgrading PC’s with SSDs ever since. Today, about 95% of our clients who purchase equipment from JDCTek also opt in for the SSD to be included due to the major benefits. The cost of SSDs has come down about 50% since they 1st hit the market, which makes them even more desirable today. Check out the benchmarks below to get an idea of the difference in performance between standard hard drives and SSD hard drives.


JDCTek offers customers hundreds of server configurations designed to meet any need. A server can be a simple file sharing device in an office, or it can be configured to run Active Directory, Printing Services, File Services, Applications, SQL, Hyper-V, and Replication. We can provide large scale servers to handle larger office needs with 3x the performance of outdated equipment. We are always pushing the boundaries of performance for the servers and PCs we provide. SSD hard drives are breaking into the server environment and blowing away the old standards of performance.

Raid Technologies

Servers have numerous hard drive configurations available. The most common scenarios use a RAID configuration. Raid 1, Raid 0, Raid 5 and Raid 10 are all common. We see RAID 5 most often, as it is highly cost effective and provides the ability to lose one hard drive to failure without destroying the server in most cases. Raid 10 is the safest and most powerful configuration, though more hard drives are required, which brings up cost. In this scenario half of the hard drives will be unavailable to you as useable space. For example: If you have eight 500GB hard drives then only four of them, (2TBs worth of storage) will be available to your server, however, there will be four backup drives, which allows numerous drives to fail and the server to continue running. This creates perfect redundancy. Raid 10 also provides the best performance as we will display with real world numbers below. Raid 5 works well for the small office file server scenario while Raid 10 is recommended for offices that have custom software located on their central server, which multiple people are accessing constantly. Please see the performance charts below: