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We provide our customers with the best in Cybersecurity Services, Managed IT Services, VOIP, Disaster Recovery, and Compliance / Auditing. We have seen a major reduction in tickets for customers who have signed up for these services. Empowering your employees to have less downtime associated with their technologies is not only good for business, but easier on your finances in the long term!

Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity Services

JDCTek vigorously and frequently tests new products to bring you cutting edge tools that ensure the security of your digital life. We are currently offering advanced security and threat management services such as:

  • On premise & Cloud Firewalls
  • SSL & Deep Packet Inspection
  • Employee Internet Usage Monitoring
  • Dark Web Scanning
  • Network Monitoring & Alerts
  • Email Protection
  • Compliance/Audit Preparedness
  • VPN-less Remote Access
  • SIEM
  • DNS Filtering
  • And much more…

99% of all internet traffic that flows to our client’s Firewalls is scanned, categorized, and blocked if it meets any security threat criteria.

Around-the-clock Workstation & Server maintenance, monitoring and security patching of software and hardware. 24/7 Monitoring with alerts, Hardware and Software inventory management, Remote Support tools, quarterly reports, Technology auditing to ensure your equipment is healthy and maintained to empower your staff. Network monitoring and maintenance, backup monitoring and failsafe testing performed monthly. Cybersecurity Services are our priority!

Cybersecurity Services

Managed IT Services

VOIP Services


Full-featured cloud phone systems that facilitate better employee productivity and collaboration with Enterprise-grade calling features. Workstation and mobile apps can take and answer calls, keeping you always connected to the office phone system. Make outgoing calls from your work number and stop sharing your personal cell phone.

Groundbreaking ‘AirGap’ technology protects our clients’ sensitive data by preventing malicious deletion of backups with impressive security layers beyond MFA. Ransomware doesn’t stand a chance of reaching the backup data needed to restore your critical systems. Client Backups are stored on extremely secure, private cloud servers in a local datacenter. We configure server backups to run multiple times per day and adjust to your company’s needs. These vital, incremental backups are scheduled to limit interruptions of your internet throughput. Restores can be done locally from the JDCTek provided BDR device, which is 10x faster than cloud restores. In an emergency scenario, servers can be restored in minutes, getting you back in business with minimal downtime.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Detection and Response (EDR) Icon

JDCTek Managed Sentinel One EDR

Standard Anti-virus solutions are no longer enough to fully protect physical workstation computers. This type of software relies on Virus Signature databases that get updated as new viruses and malware emerge. The newest types of malware attacks use unique, sophisticated methods to slip through and enter your company’s network undetected. The standard anti-virus software can slow down your PC with long scans, taking up precious system resources. Meanwhile, a virus has already slipped through and done significant damage.

The answer to modern cyber security is a multilayered and comprehensive solution to stop Ransomware and Malware in its tracks at all different entry points. Enter JDCTek Advanced Malware Suite, powered by Sentinel One. Packing the powerful protection of multiple AI engines in a light-weight piece of software that won’t slow down your computer.

Continuous and unlimited Cloud backup – Encrypted backups with Ransom recovery and dedicated support.

Enterprise Cloud Backup For PCs Icon

Enterprise Cloud Backup for PCs

Increase Uptime While Reducing Threats with IT Cyber Security in Troy, MI

Supporting your business with robust network and security services can be difficult, particularly when you do not have the time or resources to host an in-house team. Now, you can benefit from a range of comprehensive IT support services in Troy, MI offered by the team at JDCTek. We are a security focused managed services provider offering value to businesses of any size, maintaining uptime while reducing the risk to your systems and networks. Our goal is to reduce your ticket numbers while ensuring that your staff is able to perform the jobs they need to do.

How Your Business Benefits from an IT Support Service

At JDCTek, we know that IT services are not a one size fits all approach. That is why we have developed a comprehensive process to offer customized IT support service to businesses in the Troy, MI area. From cybersecurity and managed IT services through to communications, backup and disaster recovery and more, our experienced team is with you every step of the way. We have exceptional attention to detail in everything that we do, protecting your systems over the long term.

Get Started with an Experienced IT Technician Service in Troy, MI Today

Protect your business the right way with a comprehensive IT technician service offered in Troy, MI by the team at JDCTek. To find out more about our IT services schedule a consultation today by calling us at (248) 494-7253.

Our Solutions

Our Solutions

JDCTek’s continuous evolution of services and support are key factors that ensure our foothold as leaders in our industry.

The JDCTek Difference

Why do our clients choose JDCTek as their trusted IT Solutions provider?

The high level of service and attention to detail are just some of the traits our clients have come to love about JDCTek.
With a passion for technology and a knack for enhancing computer performance, we will optimize systems we sell, or repair so you receive the greatest benefits from your technology.

We ensure that all repairs and support calls get prioritization and quick turn-around times, giving the least amount of disruption to your work as possible.

With over 18 years of corporate and residential PC and network support, you can rest assured that we will handle all your IT needs in a professional and proficient manner.

JDCTek Employee
Connect To Technician

Connect to a Technician

Splashtop SOS is a secure and reliable way to allow your IT specialist to connect to your PC remotely and assist you. Please follow the steps below to establish remote support:

  1. After clicking the “Get Remote Support” button, Open and launch the SplashtopSOS.exe program from the bottom of your browser.
    (It may be in your Downloads folder)
  2. Give the 9-digit number to your support technician.

When you’re ready to end the support session, be sure to quit and exit out of the program. This ensures that your computer cannot be remotely accessed again until the next time you need assistance and repeat the steps above.