Having a Single point of contact for all our technology needs for our 20 locations and growing business is priceless!

Since working with JDCTek in a growing relationship for over 15 years across multiple locations and across multiple states the biggest benefit is having one point of contact, a team that can support all our IT needs including, but not limited to workstation procurement, maintenance, help desk support, security, email, and consulting has been extremely helpful.

Visiting and assessing new location conditions and quantifying it against the best practices that have been developed specifically for OUR business. Not one size fits all models that a lot of other advisors seem to utilize.

There is a saying about staffing investments. “What if we invest in someone and they leave? Countered with, what if we do not invest in them and they stay”. IT infrastructure is such a critical component of any modern business. If you don’t have a reliable infrastructure in place, you will be constantly fighting an uphill battle and putting out distracting and damaging “fires”. Having an outsourced team with a level of knowledge and commitment of support has been such a relief!

Andy M.

Fast Response when you need it and fast and competent solutions to help our construction business!

The single most benefit to me and my company is the peace of mind knowing that JDCTek has my computers safe from hackers, phishing, and malicious viruses with their 24-hour monitoring service.

The ease of getting a hold of someone via phone or their support email and the quick response with the most knowledgeable technicians.  I like how they take the time with me and explain the issue when I am having difficulty understanding, I am not tech savvy as the saying goes.

I would tell them that they would get the best service with the most knowledgeable technicians, and they would be confident with the security measures that JDCTek puts in place, because these days the hackers are smart, but JDCTek is smarter and keep up to date with what the hackers are doing.  I would also tell them that JDCTek is able to help with the most difficult of situations in any of the software you may be using.

Patti Z.

Expert Solutions a phone call away, keep my business and my staff safe and efficient!

I have been a customer since JDCTek opened its doors in 2007. I am not a Tek person at all, but Joel and his team take immediate care of my needs, so I am not distracted by technology issues in my business. I have NEVER been disappointed by the JDCTek team.

I also have never needed to work with any other IT company. Why? Because they prove time and time again, they have my best interest in mind and create solutions for my specific needs.  Since partnering with JDCTek I feel it has allowed us to grow and save money not lose it through utilizing the right solutions to keep our business moving forward.

If you’re looking for a new IT and Security provider I would say “You will never regret your decision, I didn’t” and it was one of best business decisions EVER!

Pat C.

Stress Free and Knowledgeable IT Solutions, I sleep better knowing my business is secure!

When I started my dental practice, I hired my Dental Software’s Provided IT Services and was let down.  I received lower end computers and slow response when I needed it.   Since partnering with JDCTek I feel completely confident in the functionality of my day-to-day practice and have the peace of mind knowing that I have the protection needed to safeguard all sensitive data at the practice.

Whenever there is an issue, it is resolved.  In the past I would be dealing with a problem that seemed to temporarily be remedied only to rear its ugly head another day. The staff at JDCTek are also time sensitive and respond quickly.

I would tell anyone to hire JDCTek as they will not be disappointed! I have been with them for 6 years and am thoroughly pleased.

Patrizia S.

Starting a business?  Look no further for expert help and solutions!

When we reached out to JDCTek for service after starting my HR consulting and coaching business, my personal accounts including my laptop were hacked. Nothing to do with JDCTek. If I had not had your experts and guidance at that time - I would have had no idea what to do. Instead, with your support you provided quick and excellent guidance and recovery for the situation!

We appreciate the fast responsive, knowledge, and follow up support.

Working with JDCTek provides us total peace of mind having security and support from a trusted vendor is Priceless!

Lisa B.

No matter your size, JDCTek has your needs covered!

We are a small client but appreciate having JDCTek available to help us and our experience has been amazing.   Our experience is they are the most knowledgeable, professional, responsive computer tech company I've ever worked with.

We're fortunate that Joel and his team are there for us whenever needed.  Regardless of your needs, small or large feel confident they will take care of your needs in short order!

Ray M.

My systems and data are now secure, and we have a highly responsive IT partner!

We have peace of mind that our data and computer systems are secure. I have not needed to work with any other firm as my needs are fully met.

The JDCTek team responds to my questions, concerns, or tech issues quickly and handles what needs to be done in a timely manner- a “must have” in this ever-changing world of technology. If you’re looking for an IT partner, I cannot say enough good things about our experience, and you will enjoy having a responsive IT partner.

Tim B.

Stop struggling with your technology, give JDCTek a call!

I don’t remember how long I have been with your company but I’m sure it is more than 10 years, maybe 15.  As a senior with minimal knowledge of computers and internet, JDCTek has helped with questions/concerns of how things work and getting new equipment when something is too old or has failed.

I have not worked with any other IT firms, since JDCTek has always taken very good care of my needs.  JDCTek is personable and very friendly and quick to respond to any problems or concerns that I have had.

Carol K.

Where does a small one-person business get the support and security they need?

I'm a guy with fat fingers and can always find a way to cause my laptop to malfunction.  Or maybe I just did something dumb that caused that same issue.

Anyway, whatever I've done, JDC TEK has found a way to un-do-it.  This ability is priceless to me.   I appreciate the advice, protection, problem solving, products, price, and all of that are done quickly and painlessly.   If you are in the decision-making phase of choosing an IT.  Look no further, you've found the best at JDCTek.

Bill S.

Wrapping all the technology I need around my business would be impossible without the right IT partner!

We have complete peace of mind knowing our system is safe, secure, and reliable.  Responsiveness is the primary attribute that differentiates JDCTek from other providers.

When issues arise (day, night, or weekend), JDCTek gets them resolved quickly. I refer JDCTek to everyone we work with and when you give them a try you won’t be disappointed.  Their service is incredible, and their techs are knowledgeable and friendly.

Greg R.

Quick response for our IT needs and they talk in understandable non-tech speak!

The JDCTek team truly listens and responds to our questions and requests with the answers that are right for us. They “get” us. The JDCTek team takes the time to understand us and provides quick supported service best suited to our needs.

In a sector that can be easily given over to incomprehensible techno babble, JDCTek communicates fully on current topics and responses to inquiries in a timely, concise, and understandable manner.

Tom B.

In this ever-changing cyber landscape, we have found our IT partner for life!

Just knowing I can rely on your services to monitor any issues gives me a sense of security.  Your staff have always responded quickly to any questions or problems we have had with computers and networks. I would highly recommend and do regularly refer your company to others.

Rose D.

Immediate Response, we are consistently impressed by the speed at which we get the support we need!

I would say the biggest benefit is the immediate availability of the support team to help whenever we have a need or a problem.  Your firm is excellent at offering solutions, IT products or applications that fit the needs of our small company.

JDCTek also excels at giving detailed and easy to understand solutions and proposals.   I’d recommend anyone to use your services because you are a one-stop shop for all IT needs, your team is super responsive, professional, and friendly, and your prices are fair.

Sabine I.

Building a client for life is based on trust and proven solutions!

JDCTek has been our provider of computer services for at least 10 years.  Joel and his team provide input to our computer operations promptly and always with a complete understanding of what we need to correct our issue.

They are reasonable and knowledgeable about all technology.  We really appreciate how they stay on top of the latest in security to benefit us and all their clients. I wish I had found them even sooner!

Janet and John B.

Rapid response to any need we have is life changing!

The most in port ant benefit to me has been the prompt resolution to my “emergencies.” Everything to me is an emergency so knowing things will be addressed promptly and accurately is Number One.  I think keeping updated regularly on the issues facing the “hack world” helps me know what I don’t know!

I would tell anyone to reach out to JDCTek as we have had for many years, and I have no qualms in recommending them for IT needs.

Melvyn B.

We need help when we need it, and your responsiveness is incredible!

One of the biggest benefits of using your services is knowing you are only a phone call away.  Anytime I’ve called, your staff members have always been very helpful in solving my problems.  Anyone who answers my call has always been very professional and taken my concerns seriously.

Having the capability of accessing your services through virtual means rather than waiting for an appointment for a personal visit has been invaluable.   Because we have worked together in the past in a business environment, I know firsthand your expertise and customer service focus, so I would have no problem recommending your company.

Michelle B.

We need 100% uptime and JDCTek delivers!

The biggest benefit to working with JDCTek has always been their excellent responsiveness whenever a problem arises.  Joel and the team always respond immediately to problems when they come up and make your priority their own.

JDCTek stands out from their competitors in their personal touch, and the way they provide the same level of response to customers of all sizes.  Over the years, we have had members of Joel’s team do whatever it took to solve our problems, whether it was a remote connection or on-site visit.  For anyone faced with a choice of IT support firms, I would encourage a direct conversation with Joel and the team.

You will find that the team builds a personal connection to you and your business and is sincere in their desire to keep you safe and always running.

Greg R.

I sleep better at night knowing my IT needs are met and safeguards are in place!

The single biggest benefit of working with JDCTek has been the incredible piece of mind that I get from knowing that no matter what problems I run into, there is somebody who understands my problem and is usually readily available to help me get back on my feet.

In the past I always felt that I was scrambling to find someone to help me, and I wasn't always sure how trustworthy or dependable they were. With JDCTek, I know the technician that I work with, and I am confident that what they are telling me is reliable.  If someone were unsure about whether to is JDCTek, I would ask them if they were willing to trust a new provider who works hard to solve their problem and stays with them until it is done properly.

Ken P.

Thank you for the instant responsiveness and expert care we receive!

Quick, helpful responses. When we have a problem, we know that we can depend on JDCTek to get back to us quickly and to get it right!  We have worked together for over a decade and appreciate the solutions we have received.

We have referred people and companies to JDCTek, and they have been more than pleased with your company.  Thanks for being there and keeping us safe!

Lawrence L.

Worked with Joel and JDCTek for over 30 years!

I have known Joel since he was a teenager over 30 years ago and he has been our family IT guy ever since.  We have referred JDCTek to a dozen other companies that they still support today!  We used to purchase custom built PCs for many years and then Dell business grade systems for our family and son.  We have total peace of mind, knowing that an answer is just a phone call away.  Honestly, JDCTek was my first and only IT firm.  That speaks volumes!

I would say that if you're not feeling heard or if you've outgrown your other firm's capabilities it may be time to reevaluate your IT company and go with JDCTek.  There has never been a time that they haven't 'figured it out'!

Rhonda G.

JDCTek has been our IT firm for over 15 years!

We have an international Engineering firm and have purchased high end systems, servers, backup from JDCTek with No down time – no catastrophic data / equipment failures ever since we signed up with them.  JDCTek is extremely thorough and provides us with sound work. I never have to call twice about any issue – it is fixed right – the first time. They are very thorough and spend time understanding our needs and requirements.

We rely on JDCTek as a partner to support us as we grow.  JDCTek acts like a true partner and really is there when we need them. The work is excellent – good advice, pro-active support, and an eye towards the future – allowing me to not worry about hardware and systems and instead be able to focus on our core business.

Shrikant O.

Reliable, Fast Response, IT Services that keep us in Business!

Accessibility is number one for us and JDCTek is always available when we need them, whether by phone or in person.   Also, with varying levels and computer skills, JDCTek is always informative and helpful.  For us I stress the availability. While running a small business you need everything up and running as quickly as possible.

What I don't want to hear is "We will create a ticket, and someone will get back to you.". I have personally worked with JDCTek for many years and have zero complaints. I can't give a better recommendation than that.

Joanne K.

We need our business to function so we can help our customers in need!

We have worked with JDCTek for over 15 years, and they provide everything we need to run and communicate with our clients securely and with almost zero downtime.   We have complete confidence that our systems (both business & personal) are safe, updated and secured by JDCTek and their team.

We get immediate answers to questions and/or concerns and on the spot problem solving.  If you want fast and accurate service, call Joel and the team at JDCTek, you will not be sorry or find a greater bunch of people.

Laura S.

We needed our own cloud built and JDCTek created and supports exactly what we need!

We started a business and needed a secure platform all our staff could remotely access.  JDCTek designed and implemented a total solution to meet our exacting needs.  We did not have to purchase a service that was not purpose built for us and were able to provide all requirements up front which were baked into our custom solution.

One of the biggest benefits for us is only having a single point of contact for issues related to our server, phones, email and other IT related subjects. JDCTek keeps it simple for us. I have not worked with any other IT firms that can deliver what they do for us.  I would have no reservations to endorse JDCTek as your Technology solutions firm.

Dave H.

Keeping customer data safe and our operations working 100% of the time!

The biggest benefit is the security we feel knowing you have our backs.  Most of the time, we get answers to our questions/problems immediately.  Occasionally, there is a need for us to leave a message and have someone from your office get back to us.  We really appreciate the prompt responses we receive from your staff.  We never have to wait very long to hear from you or your staff.

The suggestions you provide for us to better protect our business we find critical when the cyber landscape changes rapidly.   We love your managed IT!  Having our systems automatically updated, backed up, monitored, and secured allows us to sleep better at night.  We haven’t had to use it and I hope we don’t, but it makes us feel more relaxed knowing we have it covered.  We haven’t had to restore much but we are confident we could recover from any situation with the services you are providing our company.

We are very happy with the service and knowledge base of JDCTek.  We have used your services for over 10 years and have never had an issue you were unable to resolve.

Jeanine M.

Keeping us in business so we can keep our employees and clients safe!

We have been clients for over 20 years working with Joel and the team at JDCTek has simplified any technology need we have had.  From phones, to servers, networking, email, and software upgrades we know we have a trusted partner to address the backend needs of the business.

Working with someone we trust to keep our company secure and current with the latest technology and knowing it’s something we don’t have to worry about and if something comes up JDCTek is always available to help.  JDCTek is the right choice for your business if you want your IT to run smoothly.  Joel and his team have been an outstanding partnership for our business.

Matt F.

Big or Small JDCTek is the right choice for your technological needs!

The single biggest benefit to me and my photography business working with Joel and his team is confidence, peace of mind, security of my system and their quick reaction time to any issue I am having.  A couple of years ago I had a failure in a hard drive that had all my recent season’s senior portrait sessions. It would have required re-shooting all those senior portraits. If the images on my hard drive could not be recovered.  Fortunately, JDCTek under Joels leadership was able to quickly recover my photos.  I had confidence as my system is maintained and backed up daily.  He installed a new hard drive, delivered, and installed within a couple of days.  I was back in business.

The personal service is by far is best at JDCTek, I have worked with Joel for close to 15 years.  Honestly never thought of working with anyone else.  I have had 3 systems with Joel, and they have the quickest response with customer service. I also use him personally for our family computers.  If anyone asks I 100% of the time recommend JDCTek.  Just in my neighborhood I have recommended 8 neighbors that use his service.

You get what you pay for, and I have never been disappointed.  You need confidence in the equipment and the team that supports it.   If you have a small business or a large business, I will always recommend JDCTek.  Before I retired and started my photography business, I was a Regional Manager for a large Optical company.  My experience with the IT department was not a positive experience, that all changed working with Joel and his team. I have learned so much from Joel and his team.  Rest assured you can’t go wrong!

Teresa P.

If you Find a true technology partner, you trust, never let them go!

When it's time to upgrade my desktop computer every 4-6 years or so, I appreciate that Joel and his team find the right computer at the right price, which will meet my needs, and they transfer all my data from the old computer so I can sit down and use the new computer without any issues. It's a seamless process. The hardware and software always perform for the recommended duration or more and is always an improvement over my current system.

I have recommended Joel and his team to other small business owners who have also had a great experience, and I will continue to do so when the opportunity arises. For anyone on the fence about hiring JDCTek, I'd say give them a try. You will be glad you did.    I'm also glad cybersecurity is top of mind with JDCTek since individuals, households, and businesses of all sizes can have their (and other people's) confidential or personally identifiable information exposed through a variety of means.

Lori W.

Running a home-based business, we need support and solutions sized for our needs!

Peace of mind, knowing that my wife's client information was safe and secure, and that whenever we had any concerns, JDCTek was right there to help. You will never find a team as conscientious and responsive as this one. If you want an honest, professional consultant who is focused on the client’s needs above all other factors, these are your guys.

We have purchased numerous computers over the years and have utilized security, backup, maintenance, and support on demand which helped us run our business without downtime.   Thank you for all the years of support!

Eric S.

No matter what industry, JDCTek has solutions to meet your needs!

My family and I have been with JDCTek for well over ten years.  Years ago, when I needed help with my computer that went down, I asked one of my friends, who runs a business with multiple computers stations, who he would recommend.  I conveyed I would like someone reliable and knowledgeable.  Without hesitation, he suggested I should call Joel at JDCTek.

What a great recommendation.  When we need help, they are always there for us.

I run a small business out of my home and it’s refreshing to know you can get the help you need most of the time over the phone by calling JDCTek.  Especially when time is of the essence. Over the years I have been working with Sam, who is one of the technicians that works with Joel.   I’m far from a techie, that’s for sure.  Sam makes it easy to understand what was going on with my computer and fixes it.

In the past we have purchased desktops and laptops from JDCTek and have been very happy with our purchases.  Joel always keeps us updated with the new technologies that’s available for us.  If you’re thinking about hiring a computer company, I also would not hesitate to recommend JDCTek family and business.

Jack S.